The Russian Bear Dog 101

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If you have ever seen a cuteness overloaded furry buddy somewhere, but the size is too big for some people, there’s a chance that you’ve seen the Russian Bear Dog.

If it is your first time seeing a  Russian Bear Dog, you might fall in love at first sight. This cute big buddy is one of the most favorite breeds for dog lovers. But don’t let their cuteness deceive you. Regardless of its cuteness, it is one of the trickiest pets to breed. Read these points thoroughly before coming up with your decision in adopting this fantastic creature.

The Russian Bear Dog

Its official name is Caucasian Ovcharka, or literally means the Sheepdog of Caucasus. The name really signifies the Russian Bear Dog original location which is the Kavkaz or Caucasus Mountain range. Originally, the breeders used the Russian Bear Dog to protect homes and herds from threats like predators, thieves, wolves, etc. Then starting from the 1920s, the Russian government has been using this breed to guard the government buildings and facilities. Until most recently, the Russian Bear Dog has also been popular around the world. If you are not in Europe, there’s a chance that you want to have it too.

The robust build of Russian Bear Dog

There is a sensible reason why it is a good guardian dog. The Russian Bear Dog has a robust and muscular appearance. As the name suggests, their faces resemble the bear with their oval eyes. Back then, folks cropped their ears to handle the predators attack. But nowadays, it is up to their owners. If you want to domesticate the Russian Bear Dog as your home pet, cropping their ears is not a must. Their teeth are a great deal. Their fangs are categorized as one of the strongest in their dog category.

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The Russian Bear Dog appearance

If you love fluffy friends, the Russian Bear Dog is a good woof. This breed has thicker coats than commoners. The double coat has its own function. The soft underlayer is to protect their skin. Meanwhile, the coarse outer layer is to protect their soft underlayer coat. With this double coat, they are able to withstand the extreme weather. That’s why many Russians do not hesitate to tag their Russian Bear Dog along although it is freezing temperature outside. When the Russian Bear Dog is fully grown, you will notice the best of the breed. The hair will grow exponentially if you feed them with good nutritions. By then, you could choose to keep their hair long, medium, or even short for more agility.

Russian Bear Dog weight and size

How big Russian Bear Dog can get depending on various factors such as genes, diets, environment, behaviors, etc. But in common, one can weigh around fifty to ninety kilograms. And they can reach 76 tall. With this measurement, it is sensible that Russian Bear Dog is included as one of the biggest breeds in the world.

Characteristics and behaviors

In a nutshell, the Russian Bear Dog is strong, resilient, and brave. Although it looks cute and invisible, you wouldn’t want to get deceived by their appearance.

With proper training and corrections, the Russian Bear Dog can be a great family pet. Most of the time, Russian Bear Dog would enjoy the time with you outside with a collar. But when you hit the park, you will want to put the leash off.

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Keep in mind that the behavior of Russian Bear Dog is completely different with the little puppies. The cute movements they have can really ruin your home. That’s why it is a more prevalent choice for families with older kids who have extensive experience petting the larger breeds.

It is important to note that Russian Bear Dog is not the warmest creature on earth. It is very loyal towards its family. The Russian Bear Dogs always maintain their territory. Therefore, it is not friendly with strangers. But in the silver lining, their faithfulness to their owners is not questionable. They are not noisy. But they will let you know if they sense and see the threats.

The Russian Bear Dog can be very aggressive when they sense a threat. That’s why their human friends need to train them well to avoid any incidents.

The exercises for Russian Bear Dog

The exercise regime will depend on how you’d like your Russian Bear Dog to do. If you want to improve their stamina and endurance, consider picking the appropriate exercise regime. They can exercise up to an hour per day. But if we are talking about the puppy, you will want to limit the exercise to only 10 minutes. To make them stay fit and fun, you could consider conducting play and catch game with their favorite treats as bonus.

The Training of Russian Bear Dog

It requires some effort to train Russian Bear Dog from a puppy. Since early age, they can be uncooperative and nautghtly. If you don’t have any background experience in training bigger dogs, hiring a professional trainer can be a great idea. But don’t put your Russian Bear Dog in a public school. Rather, you’d like to keep their training private. Russian Bear Dogs are not actually sociable. They don’t tolerate other puppies easily.

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Grooming Russian Bear Dog

As mentioned, this dog has a double coat. That means it requires high maintenance. You will need to brush their coat at least twice per week if their coat is medium to short. For longer hair, you will need to brush it on a daily basis. Presuming that you are living in a colder place, make sure that your Russian Bear Dog hair is not too short.

Bathing can be once every two months. But it would depend on where you are living. If you are living in four season countries, you won’t necessarily bath your Russian Bear Dog in colder months. Keep in mind that they have double coats, which drying is taking longer than other breeds.

The Russian Bear Dog Diets

Diets are not complex. You could combine the home-made foods and commercial foods. Consider reading the label of the commercial foods first before feeding your dog.

Is Russian Bear Dog legal?

If you are living in the US, you can adopt it without any problem. There are no laws forbidding someone to adopt this breed. Most countries in Europe also accept Russian Bear Dogs. Depending on where you live, you will want to check it first with your authority.