How to Help Your Dog with Anxiety

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A dog anxiety disorder can cause severe distress for both owners and dogs, and sometimes it can ruin lives.

A dog with anxiety might exhibit signs such as excessive panting, shaking or barking, inappropriate urination or defecating, or fleeing from or avoiding certain situations due to fear. Extreme situations can lead to dogs becoming aggressive due to fear.

If this sounds like your situation, there is light at the end of the tunnel because there are many ways you can effectively treat your dog.  In this post, we will be discussing some of the most successful and popular remedies that have been proven to work for dog owners with anxiety disorders.

Dog Anxiety Disorder

Many dog owners are familiar with the anxiety and stress that can be experienced by some dogs suffering from an anxiety disorder. Anxious dogs can become very sensitive to sounds, people, or other animals.

First, it is important for dog owners to realize that dog anxiety is real and not just a problem with your dog being “stubborn”, or “overly sensitive”. It is important to take the time and learn more about the condition and how it affects your dog. Only then can you determine the best treatment.

You will need patience to help your dog overcome anxiety. It can take time before you start seeing positive results. This is especially true when trying different remedies to relieve the symptoms.

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Dog owners often feel stressed because they are unable to instantly relieve their pets’ pain and discomfort. However, there are many positive things that you can do right now to control anxiety in your dog. Here are some of the most common methods.


Thundershirt, a type of swaddling coat specifically made for dog anxiety and stress relief. The constant pressure is gentle and effective in relieving separation issues for dogs as well as anxiety disorders such as loud noises or thunderstorms. Thundershirts are very effective and relieve symptoms of anxiety in dogs quickly.

Hemp-infused Coconut Oil

Hemp-infused Coconut Oil is an amazing remedy for dog anxiety. It has also been proven to have long-lasting results. This all-natural treatment for anxiety in dogs works by giving your dog a calm feeling that reduces stress levels and helps with behavior.

Dog Training

Dog training can help anxious dogs who have trouble controlling their stress levels. While it might take anxious dogs longer to master, they can be taught how to overcome their fears and anxieties.

You can use treat training to calm anxious dogs when they are in fearful situations. Dogs will begin to associate good things with these events when they are given treats or biscuits.


To distract your pooch from the actual cause of their anxiety, use dog toys and games. This will teach them how to concentrate on something else and not be preoccupied with what they fear.

Calming Music

Music is another way to calm your dog’s anxiety. You can either create an “anxiety relief playlist” for times of stress or use commercial dog music that’s designed to help calm dogs and reduce anxiety.

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You need to find music that calms your dog and doesn’t make them get more excited. For anxious dogs, calm classical melodies can be a great option.

Dog Behavior Classes

Dog behaviour classes can help you socialize your dog with other dogs and teach them the right way to behave. Dog training and social skills will be taught in a stress-free setting. You can also learn how to correct and control anxious dogs so that they are not aggressive towards you, other dogs, or anyone else.


Aromatherapy is a treatment that helps dogs with anxiety disorders and behavioural problems. It works by calming their nerves and reducing stress levels.

It is important to find an oil that suits your needs and not just because it smells nice. Dogs have a sensitive sense of smell, so research which oils are most helpful, and which you should avoid?

Try essential oils such as lavender and vanilla, which can help dogs to stay calm in stressful situations.

A diffuser for oil should not be sited in a place where your dog can walk or lie. This includes near their food bowls or beds.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can reduce anxiety and stress in dogs. Sometimes vets recommend calming the dog before they go to an event that may cause them anxiety or distress, like visits to the vet or the groomers. Massaging your dog should not be done with too much pressure as this can stress your dog even more. Dog calming scented products containing lavender and vanilla can be used to keep your dog calm throughout the massage.

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Dog anxiety doesn’t have to become a living nightmare for your dog, or you. Many natural remedies can be used to calm your dogs’ anxiety and stress. For quick and effective results, we highly recommend using either the Thundershirt or the Hemp-infused Coconut Oil.