The best raincoats for dogs guide


Dog raincoats for your selected pooch? Pup parents, rejoice! April showers may bring May flowers, nevertheless they also bring wet dogs. But rather than spending a lot of time toweling off your pup after having a rainy walk (not with the nice towels – gah!), or avoiding rainy walks altogether, you just need one inexpensive garment: your dog raincoat. So until roller skating weather rolls around – that is, heated air and dry, sunny skies – your very best guess is to equip everyone in the fam with gear that’ll protect them from the elements.

Keep your dog friend dry
Not only our body reacts when is subjected to rain, but our pets have the same problem. It really is true that they probably get not sick immediately after they first meet rainy or colder weather, still, they could face e.g. pneumonia after longer contact with the cold rain.

To avoid this unpleasant situation, we ought to make an effort to keep our doggie dry, especially, when he’s not the rain lover.

Therefore there are raincoats or rain jackets specially designed for our doggies so that it keeps them warm, dry and comfortable.

As there exists a big collection of the raincoats, it may also be hard to find the right one and for that reason is this post written to make your decision easier.

puddle raincoat
It’s the truth, different coat need big dogs with long fur, another thing needs small doggies with the smooth fur. Continue to keep that at heart.

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Some coats are well suited for colder weather as it gets the fleece clothing inside the coat, some coat will not and are suitable as the rain protector limited to warmer weather.

Overall is your dog raincoat very practical, waterproof clothing, which is usually easy to be placed on and removed. The material is principally breathable so you don’t have for your doggie to get damped in such rainwear.

Your doggie will be grateful never to get soaked and you certainly do not need to dry him quite a while after returning home.

How exactly to measure your dog and why it’s important
First thing prior to starting choosing the perfect raincoat or rain jacket is to measure your doggie chest, neck and back length therefore the size of the raincoat could be selected properly.

Although will be the coats adjustable, it is way better to choose the right size immediately.
Waterproof dog coat
This coat is manufactured out of durable nylon material – this keeps the doggie comfortable and dry in the wet weather.

The raincoat neck has a hole, which includes been designed for a simple to make use of dog leash and covered with a bit of rain cloth.

waterproof dog coat

Reflective strip added on the trunk of the coat provides extra visibility in the torrential rain. This coat is well suited for small or medium size large dogs.

Small dog jacket
If you’re a fan of British style, this small dog jacket, stated in black and red colour, will impress you! Very fancy clothing for your small doggie, waterproof and practical.

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raincoats pets

Adjustable surrounding the neck and the chest as well.

Dog hoody raincoat
This solid coloured hoody raincoat is manufactured out of polyester, button fastened and also have reflective strips.

puppies raincoats

A couple of 3 colours to be chosen from – red, green and yellow. Is adjustable and due to fleece material inside the coat could it be warmer so that it suits to colder weather as well!

Transparent dog raincoat
Transparent dog raincoat for medium and large dogs. As a major plus, you can find a tiny zipper bag for the coat so that it could be stash in case there is no need. Super easy to put up, without the most common plastic smell.

Transparent dog raincoat

The closure is arranged by the buttons under the chest and there’s a hood as well.

Puppy raincoat
If you want the military, camouflage style and also have just a little dog, this is actually the right choice! Other colours look very fancy too – you can choose from blue, red and yellow.

puppy raincoats small dogs

It really is 3 buttons fastened, and this is a reflective strip on the trunk. That is an adjustable raincoat as well.

Small dog raincoat
Let´s focus on the raincoat for small dogs and puppies: hoody small dog raincoat with 3 solid colours selection – green, red and yellow with practical reflective strips for the doggie to be observed in case there is less light conditions.

small dog raincoats

This waterproof raincoat is adjustable and button fastened, the all overlook is sporty, military, outdoor, but nonetheless looks fancy.

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Choose wisely
During looking for the perfect pet rainwear don’t forget to check on former customer references which means you can see if the product is an excellent one.

We are choosing the right products according to our former customer’s opinion, however, exactly what is a great product for all of us, cannot be suitable for you.

We agree you understand best just what your doggie needs, therefore the final decision is merely your decision.

best dog raincoat

We definitely recommend buying some adjustable, buttons fastened coat, from durable and breathable material.

Sometimes you can get the tiny bag alongside with the coat so in case there is no need e.g. when the elements changes fast, you may take off of the coat from your doggie easily and stash it to the bag.

The reflective strips are a great feature as well as it gives you to find your doggie in gloom or darkness.