Top Reasons to Own a Pomeranian Today

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There are hundreds of dog breeds you can choose from if you are planning to add a furry member to your home or family soon. While every breed has its strengths and weaknesses that you need to consider, there are some breeds that never fail to capture the attention of dog lovers. One perfect example of this is none other than the Pomeranian.

The Pomeranian is a toy dog breed and among its key characteristics is its cute diminutive size. Many people adore these fluffy pooches because of their endearing facial features. But, more than these assets that are hard to resist, there are still a lot of great reasons why getting a Pomeranian is the best decision you will ever make.

Pomeranians are Small

While not all dog lovers favor small canines, the small size of a Pomeranian makes it an ideal choice for those who live in smaller homes. A big yard is also not necessary, another common consideration for most pet owners before they get a dog. Your Pomeranian will be happy to stay indoors although it still needs enough space for walking around.

Pomeranians are Not Big Eaters

It can easily cost you $800 up to $4,000 to get a Pom but you don’t have to be discouraged because these pooches don’t consume lots of food. Unlike larger dogs that need bigger meals to sustain the requirements of their body, smaller canine breeds such as Pomeranians  don’t need that much food consumption per day. The typical diet of a Pomeranian puppy is only two cups daily while adults just require a single half cup for each pound of their body weight.

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Pomeranians are Easy to Find

The availability of Poms is yet another reason why you should get one. You can find Pomeranians not only in pet shops but even in adoption facilities. These are not rare dogs so it will be easy and simple for you to find one cutesy Pom no matter where you live.

Pomeranians are Friendly

These dogs are extrovert, playful, and active and can easily establish a platonic harmonious relationship with other household pets. However, it is best to keep them away from young kids who might not be able to handle them gently.

Pomeranians are Endearing Companions

Poms are wonderful lap dogs that are loving and caring. The affection of Poms will make you feel how much they want to become your companion. Expect to have a relaxing time with these pooches around the house as you read a book or watch TV.

Pomeranians are Great Watchdogs

Don’t be fooled by their tiny size because these dogs are effective watchdogs as well because they are vivacious, bright, and attention. They also have this loud and mean bark to alert you that there is something wrong at home. These clever dogs will also let you know if there is someone at the door.

Pomeranians are Athletic

Lastly, Pms have high levels of energy that they can do well in dog sports or competitions. They excel in tracking, obedience training, freestyle, and agility.

While not necessarily perfect, a Pomeranian is still one breed that you will surely love to own because of the reasons above.

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