Open Farm Dog Food: Healthy, Natural Nutrition or Overhyped?

Open Farm Dog Food

Open Farm dog food is marketed as a healthy and natural option for your canine companion. With slogans like “real food for dogs” and commitments against using artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors, Open Farm aims to appeal to pet owners looking for transparently sourced premium nutrition.

Is Open Farmfulfilling their “keeper of promises” mission with their dog food or are they overselling via buzzwords and idealistic values?

What is Open Farm Dog Food?

Open Farm dog food focuses on high-quality proteins and fats, non-GMO fruits and vegetables as well as supplementation from natural sources.

As a smaller company, they have more control over their supply chain which allows them to thoughtfully source ingredients in a considerate manner. Open Farm dog food aims to provide complete and balanced commercial grade nutrition without compromise on ingredient quality or preparation methods.

Open Farm Ingredient Sourcing

Open Farm emphasizestraceable and ethical treatment of animals, environmentally sustainable ingredient production, as well as positive relationships with farmers and partners. Their stated values focus on regenerative agriculture, biodiversity, and closed-loop systems.

Some specifics on Open Farm’s ingredients:

  1. Proteins: Cage-free poultry, grass-fed lamb and bison, wild-caught fish
  2. Fruits and vegetables: Grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers
  3. Grains: Non-GMO verified or certified organic grains like oats, brown rice and millet
  4. Supplements: Fulvins, prebiotics, probiotics from natural sources They avoid ingredients that are potentially harmful or just unnecessary like corn, wheat, soy, fillers, by-products, artificial colors/flavors. Open Farm is also entirely grain-free across all recipes.
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Open Farm Recipes and Product Offerings

With six main recipes crafted by animal nutritionists, Open Farm aims to cater to dogs in all life stages and with different dietary needs. They also offer treat products for training or supplemental nutrition.

Some of their recipes include:

  1. Free-Run Chicken & Ancient Grains
  2. Linecaught Wild Cod & Lentils
  3. Grass-Fed Lamb & Ancient Grains
  4. Pork, Butternut Squash & Sage
  5. Four different limited ingredient diets
  6. Grain-Free Turkey & Whole Food Clusters

Recipes are nutritionally complete and meet AAFCO standards for maintenance and growth. Based on high inclusions of quality proteins and fats, carbohydrates make up under 30% of the caloric distribution. This aligns with a more ancestral diet closer to what dogs would eat in the wild.

Certifications and Manufacturing Processes

All Open Farm facilities and ingredient suppliers are regularly audited for quality assurance and safety protocols. Their co-manufacturing plants in Kansas and Minnesota create small batches for optimal freshness and have SQF Level 3 certification for human grade food processing compliance.

Open Farm is also USDA APHIS certified for foreign meat sourcing inspection and approval. Their ingredients and finished products are tested for heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria and other contaminants as well as complete nutritional adequacy.

What Do Customers Say About Open Farm Dog Food?

The majority of customers seem happy with Open Farm dog food. Across various online retailers, most reviews are positive and highlight good experiential outcomes:

  1. Improved skin, coat, energy levels
  2. Better digestion and smaller stools
  3. Picky dogs enjoy the taste and eat happily
  4. Peace of mind from transparent sourcing

Some people feel better supporting the company’s stated values around sustainability and ethical practices.

Of course, some dogs and owners encountered issues like food sensitivities, allergies or intolerance. A few picky pups turned their nose up at certain recipes. Open Farm may also be relatively expensive for pet owners on tight budgets.

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Reasons to Choose Open Farm Dog Food

At the end of the day, Open Farm tries to deliver healthy and natural nutrition you can feel good about. Reasons to give their dog food a shot include:

  1. Thoughtfully sourced whole food ingredients from animals, plants, fungi
  2. Strong focus on digestive and overall health with supplements
  3. Company values align well for eco-conscious consumers
  4. Grain-free options as well as novel proteins for dogs with allergies
  5. Balanced caloric distribution from quality fats and proteins
  6. Rigorously tested and safety audited supply chain and production
  7. Mostly positive customer experiences and happy, healthy dogs

The Key Takeaways on Open Farm Dog Food

  1. Open Farm focuses on ethically sourced, high-quality whole food ingredients without artificial additives.
  2. Their recipes are crafted by animal nutritionists to provide balanced, species-appropriate nutrition.
  3. Open Farm aims for full traceability and oversight of their supply chain from ingredient to bowl.
  4. All facilities meet stringent safety standards and batches undergo contaminant testing.
  5. Most customer reviews highlight visible improvements in coat, digestion, energy after switching.
  6. The premium price tag supports sustainable agriculture and closed-loop production.
  7. While expensive, transparency around Open Farm’s ingredient quality and practices is unmatched by big brands.

Dog Food Options to Suit Every Breed, Size and Dietary Need

Beyond living up to foundational quality and safety requirements, Open Farm offers praiseworthy formula variety with specific recipes tailored by life stage, activity level and size. They also address common allergy issues with grain-free and limited-ingredient diets.

Whether you have a high energy herding dog, a tiny terrier or a senior with digestive troubles, exploring the Open Farm line-up yields options for optimal nutrition. And many dogs love the palatability of gently cooked recipes made with whole food ingredients. Interested owners can request free samples to identify favorites.

For in-depth insights on specific Open Farm formulas, individual product reviews with ingredients, sourcing details and feeding guidance are available through their website and retail partners. And their highly responsive customer service team educates on nutrition and diet personalization.

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Does Open Farm Deliver?

Refreshingly, Open Farm excels across all categories. Their culinary-inspired recipes bursting with flavorful animal proteins, superfoods and essential fatty acids promote whole body health. Stringent safety protocols build trust. Minimal processing preserves nutrients. And their transparent, documented sourcing and oversight offers peace of mind.

Is Open Farm Worth the Price Tag?

While expensive compared to big box brands, Open Farm provides transparency around quality ingredients and ethical practices lacking in the wider pet food industry. Supporting better standards has value for many pet owners.

If your budget accommodates, Open Farm provides exceptional nutrition you can feel confident serving. Take advantage of their sample program and transition guidance before fully swapping your dog’s diet. But expectations are high – and in my extensive review, Open Farm meets or exceeds them across the board. Their offerings stand out as uniquely nutritious and responsible.

If finding an affordable option that your dog loves with visible benefits is more important, then the premium price point may be difficult to justify. As a smaller brand, overhead costs get built into the retail pricing.

Does Open Farm test their dog food for contamination and safety?

Yes, every batch of Open Farm dog food is rigorously tested for heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, and other contaminants to ensure it’s safe. Ingredients and finished products have a comprehensive safety audit and all facilities must meet human grade food processing standards per SQF Level 3 certification.

Are there any warnings or issues to know if switching my dog?

When transitioning your dog from their existing food, do so gradually over the course of 5-7 days to avoid digestive upset. Some dogs have allergies or sensitivities to novel proteins or supplements used by Open Farm, though they do offer limited ingredient diet recipes. The high protein/fat content may cause diarrhea in less active pups.

Why is Open Farm’s dog food more expensive than big brands?

As a smaller, values-based company, their overhead costs and focus on ethically sourced quality ingredients drives the price up. They also produce in smaller batches and don’t have huge corporate buying power. Supporting better practices in the pet food industry often comes with a higher price tag.

How does Open Farm ensure quality control and sustainability?

Every supplier farm, ingredient producer, and manufacturing facility is regularly audited to ensure practices align with Open Farm’s mission and certified protocols. Through strong traceability and relationships, they provide transparency and quality assurances lacking with big brands.

Can any dog eat Open Farm or do some do better on it?

While any dog can eat Open Farm if introduce properly, active or working dogs, puppies, and dogs requiring grain-free do exceptionally well. The nutrient ratios suit high energy needs and focus on premium bioavailable nutrition. Some older less active pups may do better on traditional kibble.