How to Make Homemade Pet Ornaments

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The holiday season are a time for everybody to celebrate together, together with your furry family. For the tree, you might have ornaments with special meaning or that represent family milestones. Your neighborhood stores may offer pet-themed ornaments, but making your own offers you the chance to add that personal touch.

Paw Prints
One common family custom pet ornament is to truly have a child’s handprint or footprint by using an ornament. You can certainly do the same with your dog or feline baby. This project not only represents your pet on the tree, but also contains him in the creation. Mix along 4 cups of flour with a cup of salt and 1 1/2 cups of water. Mix and knead dough until well blended. Roll out dough and cut into desired shapes, allowing enough room to have the ability to fit your pet’s pawprint. Help your dog press his paw in to the dough. Make a little hole at the very top with a toothpick or straw. This will allow you to tie a ribbon to hang the ornament. Bake in a 300-degree oven for 20 to 30 minutes. Allow ornaments cool completely. After the ornament is cool, paint your pet’s name and the entire year, if desired.

This simple ornament might take you back again to your days in grade school but gives you to personalize your ornaments with pictures of special occasions. Using scissors, cut out desired ornament shapes from colored poster board. Go through your chosen pictures of your pet from the this past year and trim them to fit within the ornament shape. Glue the picture onto the ornament. Cut a tiny hole in the top and tie a bit of ribbon to hang.

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Scented Ornaments
This ornament project gives you to set-up pet-themed ornaments while adding the holiday scent of cinnamon. Because cinnamon is non-toxic to your pets, these ornaments are also pet safe if your dog decides to provide them a taste. Within a bowl, incorporate ¾ cup applesauce with a complete 4.12 ounce bottle of ground cinnamon. Mix into a smooth dough. Place the dough over a sheet of parchment paper. Place another sheet on top of the dough ball and, by using a rolling pin, roll the dough to ¼-inch thickness. The parchment paper keeps the dough from sticking. Cut out shapes with your chosen pet-themed cookie cutters. Make a hole near the top of each ornament with a toothpick or straw. Place each ornament over a cookie sheet. Bake in a 200-degree oven for 2 ½ hours. Remove from the oven and place on a wire cooling rack. Let the ornaments sit for 2-3 3 days before handling to ensure they harden. Tie a piece of ribbon through the hole and hold on the tree.

Ornament Safety
Your tree is something to admire but, unfortunately, your dog may be somewhat rambunctious in his admiration and want to give the tree a thorough checking out. If this happens, there is potential for fragile ornaments breaking. If he chooses to munch on those bits of broken ornaments, they can cut or injure his mouth and digestive system. When you have a curious pet, consider plastic or other pet-safe ornament options.