Helpful Tips for Buying Clothes for Your Chihuahua Dog

chihuahua clothes

Picking the best Chihuahua clothing is challenging. The breed is extra small, their fur is short, their skin is sensitive. Buying Chihuahua clothes is a hardcore mission which blog post is here to help you in your quest.

First and foremost, never choose dog clothes based how it looks – this should be the least of your worries! Check on reviews, make sure the manufacturer’s sizes are reliable, the materials are of high quality, and so on. Never be cheap with something that touches your dog’s skin so closely.


Finding the best clothes for Chihuahuas means focusing on how comfortable the materials used are, as well as how well the clothes fit your small Chihuahua. You also want something that is easy to scrub and dry – and resist being machine-washed every couple of days or week!


Size is obviously the most important factor in choosing dog clothes, especially when it is ideal for smaller breeds like Chihuahua. Ideally, the coat or jacket should neither be too tight nor too loose but properly well-fitted. Once the cloth is too tight, it leaves your pet suffocated and uncomfortable so when it is too loose, your pet looks and feels clumsy. Measure the distance and chest size of your pet to get the best fitting cloth.

Also, if you own a Chihuahua mix, sizing is generally the same. Just be aware of the entire fluffy coat in your measures. Go to clothes for Chihuahuas for more details.


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A good piece of clothing for your dog is the one which is easy to defend myself against and off. Whether it comes in the form of a pullover or a jacket, it should be easily wearable. Make sure that the lack of wearability will not leave your pooch frustrated at ab muscles thought of wearing it. Checking the reviews would help you avoid such inconvenient items.

Most people I know who purchased dog clothes rarely utilize them mainly because their dog isn’t trained to be quiet while they are putting your dog sweater on. Be sure to start as early as possible to get your dog used to be handled and decked out and down.


The material of the clothing will vary depending on whether it’s meant to be worn during the summers or the winters.

The winter jackets and sweaters should be produced of materials like polyester that help keep your dog warm, comfortable and protected. Fleece-lining is also recommended to enhance insulation especially as Chihuahuas are extremely temperature-sensitive.

On the other hand, those meant to be worn during summer should be made of lightweight breathable materials. Soft materials like cotton are best-preferred for the tender skin of your pooch as they cause no itching sensation or almost any discomfort. If your pet will probably spend too much time outdoors, go for waterproof Chihuahua clothes, specifically for use through the rainy or snowy season.


Whether you are going for a winter jacket or a summer coat, regular wearing will leave it dirty and a breeding ground for parasites and germs. That is why; washing the cloth at regular intervals is a dire necessity. The cloth, therefore, should be machine washable. Avoid those with too many buttons or adornments as these could easily get stuck in the washer. If the clothing is such that it can also be placed into the drier, that’s definitely an advantage point and a reason enough that you can buy it for your Chihuahua.

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Clothing for Chihuahua or any other dog for example can be found in wide varieties. The color, pattern, and design should be according to the way you want to style your dog and what suits him/her the best. However, remember that this is minimal important factor in the list and should be considered only after the other factors are fulfilled.