Choosing The Right Dog Treats

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Good dog treats aren’t just a way showing some extra love to your little pooch, it serves a lot of other purposes. Listed below are the benefits associated with providing treats to your pets –


Dog or cat treats are most commonly used as training rewards by dog or cat parents. Training your pooch consists of numerous kinds of methods, techniques and philosophies. Positive support is the best way of training, and treats make the complete session much more pleasurable for your furry friend.

Using treats in an effort to coach commands and praise once and for all behaviour will make sure your pooch might take an active curiosity about the same.

Prevent destructive behaviour

There will need to have been occasions when you have observed the cushion shredded into pieces or your favourite bedsheet torn outside of repair. Moreover, whenever your pooch talks about you with puppy eye, scolding him/her doesn’t stay an option anymore. Treats can be a saviour in this regard that will keep your pooch active when bored.

Unnecessary barking, chewing household items and self-harm are some symptoms of boredom, especially if they are together at home. Provide them with a treat and become assured that your house is not being destroyed, when you get your jobs done. Go to best dog treats for more details.

Nutrition Boost

A lesser-known reason behind treating, but healthy dog treats, is the fact it can offer the nutrition boost your pooch needs. If your pooch is underweight, highly lively or recovering, treats can help maintain muscle mass and activity levels.

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In case there is puppies, providing wholesome treats can help them with a growth spurt during the transition period.

Sign of Affection

A treat do not need to be given whenever only as a part of training or whenever your doggo fulfills a control. It may also be ways to show how much you like them and appreciate them for being a part of your life. Be it a particular occasion or a happening, doggos also deserve a surprise similar to the remaining members of these hooman family. Overall organic and natural dog treats as a Diwali or Holiday present does not only make sure they are overjoyed, but also appreciate and love their family pet parents all the more.

What to check in your pet treat package label

  1. Source of Ingredients

You may stumbled upon a lot of dog treat brands that mention ‘natural’, however the source of the ingredients aren’t mentioned. However, it is always smart to know the source of the materials of the treats that you’re offering your doggo. For instance, Dogsee treats are sourced from the Himalayas, which confirm mention on labels.

If the info is not available on the label, you can look up their respective website for the same.

  1. Quantity of Ingredients

The number of things that get into making your dog treat does not matter only if all are high-quality, and offer health advantages. However, most commercial treats that are available nowadays contain a lot of unwanted fillers, synthetic colorings, preservatives and man-made flavouring that can have undesireable effects on your doggo’s health. Therefore, the lesser the materials, the better the grade of the treat. Apart from that,  for pooches which have a very sensitive stomach or are prone to allergic reactions, one – ingredient treats will be the best option.

  1. Ingredient Quality
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Even if the ingredients in your chosen dog treat is natural, it generally does not indicate that it would be suitable to supply your doggo. For instance, foods like delicious chocolate, onions, raisins, etc can prove toxic to them and should be avoided. Do an intensive research and become alert to what should be fed to your animals before choosing a dog treat.

Also, ensure that you check the calorie and fat content in the label prior to making the purchase. Treats shouldn’t be the reason behind your doggos to experience any medical issues.